DUAL FEED- Chaff & Grains

DUAL FEED- Chaff & Grains


The ultimate machine for the hobby farm.

The ability to cut hay and crush grains is unlimited, dry or Green. 

The powerful 6Hp motor can crush all kinds of grains, beans, lupins, barley, oats, wheat, maize....




220V 50GHz




Product measurements (H)111cm x (L)90cm x (W)73cm

Package measurements (H)90cm x (L)88cm x (W)43cm GW 80Kg

Why cut hay into chaff?

It is a well known problem with live stock; They love to eat all the heads off the stems, and don't like the hard work of chewing stems.

Good Hay is wasted, gets stepped and not eaten.

Here you have the chaff cutter that cuts it up into small pieces. The animals enthusiastically eat it all, leaving the feed trough completely empty. 

Comes with two screens/ sieves 

Cuts chaff to large 20mm pieces OR small 5mm pieces. (approx.)

Why crush your own grains? 

In order for your animal to take advantage of all of the natural goodness that is hidden within the grain, the feed needs to be consumed freshly crushed. 

Grains that are swallowed whole have very little benefit on the animal consuming them, as the external layer keeps the grain from digesting, and all of the nutritious value unused. 

When the external layer is broken, the digesting can accrue efficiently; the animal can enjoy the high nutritious value, and is put in to better condition. 

Why fresh? 

Because like all food, as soon as the crushed grains come in contact with oxygen, starts a process of oxidation, and the nutrients and vitamins start to lose their value. 

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