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Using traditional stone grinding discs.

This mill is suitable for small soft grains, for domestic quantities.

Why crush your own grains? 

In order to take advantage of all of the natural goodness that is hidden within the grain, the grain needs to be consumed freshly crushed. 

Why fresh? 

Because like all food, as soon as the crushed grains come in contact with oxygen, starts a process of oxidation, and the nutrients and vitamins start to lose their value. 

This old style, Large flour stone mill, 

is suitable for large domestic amounts, or for science/ lab productions. 


Adjustable to grind all kinds of small grains, wheat, rice, barley... from course to fine. 

If very fine flour is needed, it is recommended to re-feed through the mill, to minimize heat and wear to stones. 

Please dont hasitate to contact us, and tell us your needs so we can advice you accourdingly. 

Speed: 1450rpm

2hp single phase, 1.5kw

Net weight: 25kg

Production: Wheat 20kg-85kg/h

Available in 220v or 110v


*Note: Spare parts and service are available only for our customers. In order to take benefit of this service, please keep your invoice number as referance.



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